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The modular entertainment 
furniture built for next 
generation technology
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Spectral Scala


The elegant TV sideboard 
now available with 
iPhone and iPod dock.
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Spectral Cocoon


The multifunctional media 
furniture now available with 
iPhone, iPod and iPad dock
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Spectral Brick


The smart TV furniture 
with the sound system 
in the base
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Spectral TV.

Spectral image film
Music Box

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The world is becoming smart.
So is your furniture.

Spectral has made a name for itself for many years with innovative solutions, such as integrated sound systems, hidden cable runs and projector drawers. Today, we are recognised as a pioneer in fusing aesthetic living and home entertainment technology.

A few years ago, information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications were still independent areas, but thanks to the smartphone, they are inseparable today: People write emails, surf the internet, watch films, take pictures, listen to music, send messages and make phone calls – all using a single device.

However, as smart as the new phones and tablets are, they have one major drawback: While we are content with the limited image size and sound quality of mobile devices when we are on the go, at home we are much more discerning.

We want to enjoy music in the best quality and volume possible, have our pictures run in a slide show and stream films from the Internet or cloud in HD on our televisions from the comfort of our sofas.

Spectral has made it its mission to integrate this digital world in an attractive living environment. Similar to smartphones and smart TVs, we develop "smart furniture", that is, elegant home furniture with additional smart features built in.

Our most successful furnitures are AmenoBrick, Classics, CockpitCocoon, Disc, NextScala, Sonos Solutions, Music Box, Twenty,  Tray and Wall. In addition we provide many benefical accessories like Smart Docks, Smart Chargecable channels, cleaning products or the IR link system to control devices behind closed furniture flaps.