From garage start-up
to global market leader.

Spectral Audio Möbel GmbH was founded in 1994 by the brothers Frank, Heiko and Markus Krämer. After several unsuccessful projects which included developing halogen lamps, motorised skateboards and speakers made of Plexiglas®, the three students and passionate inventors ultimately decided on producing Hi-Fi racks. A smart decision as it would soon prove.

The first piece of Krämer furniture was produced at home in their father's garage. This was the birth of KONKAV, the first Spectral rack ready for production which was also part of the line until 2010. After the initial sales success and expansion of the model range, construction of the first site which housed production and management in Bietigheim in Swabia followed in 1999. This marked the cornerstone for further growth. In 2003, the three Krämer brothers had built their team up to roughly 60 staff with further growth to continue.

The second site, Werk 2 located a few kilometres away in Pleidelsheim, was built in 2006 and included an additional production and logistics site. That same year, new products and innovative changes in marketing and sales drove Spectral to become number one in Germany.

While more and more furniture manufacturers were moving the production to the Far East, at Spectral we were remaining faithful to our roots. With our new works at Pleidelsheim near Stuttgart, we made a clear commitment to Germany as a production location in 2010. A decision from which not just our employees benefit but also you as customer thanks to high quality standards. Today, Spectral ranks as one of the most successful A/V furniture specialists in Europe, is market leader in the premium segment, employs 170 staff and experts to over 40 countries worldwide.

The founders attribute the secret to their success with two sayings their father passed on to them: „Schaffe, net schwätze." (Work, don't talk) and „Mach's so oifach wie meglich. Kompliziert wird's von alloi." (Make it as easy as possible, things become complicated on their own). In other words: That renowned Swabian diligence and a design known for its high degree of functionality are virtues that today are still at the very top of the list at Spectral.