Turn singles to couples.

Wall is the new highboard series by Spectral. Its puristic design makes this series the perfect complement to the Brick, Scala and Cocoon ranges.

Drawers and doors

Wall is available in six variations, each equipped with doors and/or drawers. They can be individually combined. The fronts open when light pressure is applied.

Three installation types

Wall is mounted on a wall, a base or a pedestal in the colour of the furniture.

Glass surfaces
in more than 2,000 colours

Individuality is hip even when it comes to colours. 
In addition to 5 base and 21 accent colours, you can choose from over 2.000 NCS colours. You can also choose from glossy and satinized glass surfaces. 
The glass surfaces are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Continuous top panel

If several elements are connected, a continuous top panel spanning a max. of 2 elements may be selected. The top panel is made of coloured glass and interchangeable.