Sample models

General information

  • Glass surfaces: Basic colour (no surcharge), accent colour (5 % surcharge per shade),
    choice of NCS colour (10 % surcharge per shade), choice of glossy or satin glass (SAT, surcharge applies)
  • Front panel: Coloured glass; wall-mounted models: lower front panel removable
  • Base: Freestanding models: wooden base with wheels and coloured glass tops
  • Back panel: Freestanding models: coloured glass, removable
  • Shelf: Coloured glass
  • Tube colour: Black
  • Installation type: PX6xx/PX7xx: wheels; PX8xx: wall-mounted
  • Load: Base max. 20 kg, glass shelf max. 10 kg, TV mount max. 40 kg
  • Other: Cable guide recess: Ø 50 mm

Model overview