Stay sophisticated.

Do you love classic furniture, and modern home cinema technology too? The puristic Disc by Spectral harmonises classic and modern design in one piece of furniture: The levitating unit atop a robust glass base offers space for a variety of sound systems and additional devices. Disc is also available with a docking station for iPhone and iPod.

Glass surfaces
in over 2,000 colours

Individuality is hip even when it comes to colours. 
In addition to 5 base and 21 accent colours, you can choose from over 2.000 NCS colours.
The glass surfaces are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Front colors

Depending on whether you want to use your disc with or without integrated sound, you have the choice between a fabric covered front and a glass front. The fabric covered front is available in Silver, Grey, Carbon and Black. The glass front is available in furniture colour.

Base in two colors

The base of Disc is available in clear glass an black glass.

IR link system

With the IR link system you can operate up to 8 audio and video devices while the furniture flaps or doors are closed. The infrared receiver mounted externally on the furniture relays the signal from your remote control to the infrared module inside the furniture as an electrical signal. The module converts the electrical signal back into an infrared signal and relays it via an IR Blaster LED to your audio/video devices. The IR Blaster LED can be placed anywhere in the furniture as desired, to operate all A/V devices (z.B. CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, SAT receiver, etc.) in this compartment.