Model examples

General information

  • Glass surfaces: Basic colour (no surcharge), accent colour (5 % surcharge per shade),
    choice of NCS colour (10 % surcharge per shade), choice of glossy or satin glass (SAT, surcharge applies)
  • Top panel: Coloured glass, interchangeable (CP20, CP30: magnetically attached; CP31: screwed in place)
  • Base: CP30 and CP31: with cable recess as standard
  • Cabinet colour: Interior: Black
  • Front: CP20: coloured glass; CP30, CP31: fabric front
  • Fabric front: Choice of Silver (SF), Grey (GRF), Carbon (CF) or Black (BF)
  • Glass shelves: Clear glass, adjustable (spacing 32 mm)
  • Glass side panel: Glass side panels on exterior as standard (LR)
  • Installation type: CP20: steel plate (with affixed coloured glass panel, same glass colour as top plate
    and aluminium pillar); CP30, CP31: base (aluminium)
  • Mechanism: Hinged door and drawer: push to open
  • Subwoofer opening: Incl. fabric cover (Black)
  • Load: CP20: total load max. 15 kg, top panel max. 10 kg, drawer max. 5 kg
    CP30, CP31: total load max. 50 kg, top panel max. 50 kg

Model overview