Simplify your living room.

Tidy up your life with Brick, the world’s first TV furniture with sound system in the base. The virtual surround sound system is concealed in the unit and offers impressive sound with no intrusive speakers and visible cables in plain sight. Even audio and video equipment disappear in the generous space behind the brilliant and shiny glass front.

Handle-free design

Thanks to the extended glass panelsthe flaps and drawers can be opend in an elegant way.

Flaps or drawers

Brick elements are equipped with a high-quality flap mechanism that ensures soft opening or with drawers with a premium soft closing mechanism.

Glass side panels

For a high-quality finish Brick is equipped with matching glass side panels in furniture colour.

Glass surfaces
in over 2,000 colours

Individuality is hip even when it comes to colours. 
In addition to 5 base and 21 accent colours, you can choose from over 2.000 NCS colours. You can also choose from glossy and satinized glass surfaces. 
The glass surfaces are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean.

CD/DVD inserts

Accessory for Brick elements with drawers: CD/DVD inserts, suitable for SlimLine, CDs and DVDs/Blu-rays.

Rotatable TV mount

Rotatable TV mount with integrated cable runs for mounting a variety of TVs.

IR link system

With the IR link system you can operate up to 8 audio and video devices while the furniture flaps or doors are closed. The infrared receiver mounted externally on the furniture relays the signal from your remote control to the infrared module inside the furniture as an electrical signal. The module converts the electrical signal back into an infrared signal and relays it via an IR Blaster LED to your audio/video devices. The IR Blaster LED can be placed anywhere in the furniture as desired, to operate all A/V devices (z.B. CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, SAT receiver, etc.) in this compartment.

Atmospheric lighting

The multi-coloured LED illumination creates a special ambiance. With the infrared remote control included, you can choose a colour to suit your mood or set a fascinating programme of colour changes. Along with the colours you can also bring up a pleasant white light. The brightness is adjustable.