Place and charge.

You can now charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the furniture thanks to the new Smart Charge technology. Spectral has integrated Smart Charge in its Ameno, Brick, Cockpit, Cocoon, Disc, Scala and Twenty furniture ranges. Wireless charging with almost all popular smart phones is possible thanks to a wide range of accessories.


Smart Charge works by induction. The charging module is embedded under the furniture surface. Once a smartphone is placed on one of the designated areas on the furniture, it automatically charges. The new charging technology uses the widespread Qi standard by the wireless power consortium of which all large mobile device manufacturers are a member.

Qi check for smartphones

You want to know if your smartphone or tablet is Qi compatible? Simply follow one of the two options:
1. Scan the QR code with a QR reader or
2. with your smartphone, visit the website and find out,
   if your mobile device supports Qi wireless charging.