Hidden Sound.

Twenty offers four sound integration options. The SCA3, the BRA2 and the VRA2 high-end system are three tried and trusted Spectral sound systems that are available. All systems are integrated into the furniture and are concealed behind a fabric-covered front. The XTA1 in slim design at just 7 cm was designed especially for Twenty and is concealed in a slim music board measuring a mere 10 cm. Alternatively available are elements for sound bars by different manufacturers.

XTA1 sound system

Big, black, strong. The sensational flat XTA1 2.1 virtual surround sound system that is less than 7 cm in height scores with incredible sonorous bass despite its small size. The system impresses in surround mode and stereo mode alike. Exceptionally practical feature is the ability to play music directly from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

SCA3 sound system

Completely baffled by the voluminous sound that the SCA3 produces, we double-checked for safety's sake if there really were any other speakers or subwoofers running. Even in terms of performance, the "little" sound system showed impressive results in our big test room. Great effects, clearly understandable dialogues and a bass you can actually feel, we truly enjoyed how it played "Skyfall".

BRA2 sound system

Our best seller. Enormously strong and stable surround sound system volume level that can be adjusted to acoustically difficult spaces, thanks to an advanced signal processor. For those who really want a home entertainment system from a one-box solution in the living room, the BRA2 is the best alternative.

Soundsystem VRA2

Uncompromising stereo and surround sound performance. The sound is captivating lively and harmonious. Bass and base tones work hand in hand to offer a fantastic sound experience. Put simply: the best front surround system money can buy.

Compatible with your remote control

All new Spectral sound systems come equipped with an IR programmable feature. Customers no longer need additional remote controls or complicated universal remote controls, and instead can control their sound system with their usual TV remote control.

How does virtual
surround sound work?

With the XTA1, BRA2 and VRA2 Virtual Surround Sound systems, the left speaker, the right speaker as well as the subwoofer (2.1) are integrated in one unit. With the help of advanced sound processing, your ear perceives a surround effect without requiring five speakers and a subwoofer (5.1), as you do with a regular surround system. The DTS® Tru-Surround technology requires no walls or other reflective surfaces.

Advantages of virtual surround sound systems

  • No loudspeakers scattered about
  • No visible cables lying about
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless music streaming
  • Built-in subwoofer and amplifier
  • Fully operable with your usual TV remote control
  • Furniture can be placed anywhere in the room
    you wish
  • No heat generation thanks to the digital amplifier
  • Components complement each other perfectly
  • BRA2 and VRA2 are available with HDMI port

Our sound partner

The Spectral sound systems are produced by the German leading manufacturer Canton. For more information about Canton please visit www.canton.de