Interchangeable and
future proof

The Smart Dock or optional Smart Charge Technology turns Scala into a charging station for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With the docking solution, stored music, photos and videos on your mobile device can be transferred via the dock directly to the television or sound system. With the wireless solution, everything can be transmitted via WLAN or Bluetooth.

Smart Dock

Dock and charge. The docking station and accompanying cables are mounted under the furniture’s glass surface. Mobile devices can simply be placed in the recess and are automatically charged. Spectral develops new docks for current Apple mobile devices so that your furniture stays future proof. The docks can be inter- changed easily thanks to their standard size. To find 
out more about Spectral's docking solutions, click here.

Smart Charge

Place and charge. You can now charge your smartphone by simply placing it on the furniture thanks to the new Smart Charge technology. Smart Charge works by induction. The charging module is embedded under the furniture surface. Once a smartphone is placed on one of the designated areas on the furniture, it automatically charges.