Two times six
is infinity.

Cocoon is the versatile media furniture by Spectral. Thanks to its modular construction, Cocoon can be expanded in a variety of ways. Just twelve elements are all you need to arrange your furniture just the way you want it.


Combine your Cocoon individually with the furniture elementen CO2(-SL) and CO3(-SL) and the technical elements CO4 and CO5. You have the choice between flap or drawer, glass or fabric covered front.

Wall cabinets

To match the lowboards, there are the closed wall cabinets COH1 and COH2, each available with flap or drawer, and COH3 as well as the open wall cabinets COH4.

Elegant room divider

Thanks to the optional back panel room divider, Cocoon also looks good from behind. Ideal for positioning as a room divider between the dining and living area

Combination with
the Music Box

Thanks to matching dimensions, you can combine the Music Box with the wall cabinets COH1(-SL), COH2(-SL) and COH4.