Unmistakable Ameno.

With Ameno, your eyes and ears get their money's worth. This is achieved through three different sound systems. Invisibly integrated in the furniture, they offer an impressive home cinema experience with no intrusive speakers and visible cables in plain sight.

Spectral SCA3
sound system

The smallest of the three sound system delivers voluminous stereo sound with fantastic effects, clearly understandable dialogues and a bass you can actually feel. The integrated Bluetooth 4.0 interface allows wireless music streaming from virtually any mobile device.

Spectral BRA2
sound system

An enormously strong and stable sound system volume level that can be adjusted to acoustically difficult spaces, thanks to an advanced signal processor. For those who want to turn their living room into a home cinema with just one box, the BRA1 is the best alternative.

Spectral VRA2
sound system

2.57 m of uncompromising stereo and surround sound performance. The sound is captivating lively and harmonious. Bass and base tones work hand in hand to offer a fantastic sound experience. Put simply: the best front surround system money can buy.

How does virtual
surround sound work?

With the BRA2 and VRA2 Virtual Surround Sound systems, the left speaker, the right speaker as well as the subwoofer (2.1) are integrated in one unit. With the help of advanced sound processing, your ear perceives a surround effect without requiring five speakers and a subwoofer (5.1), as you do with a regular surround system. Thanks to the DTS® Tru-Surround technology there is no need for walls or other reflective surfaces.

Advantages of virtual
surround sound systems

  • No obtrusive speakers and no cables lying about
  • Integrated subwoofer and digital surround receiver (amplifier with built-in RDS tuner/radio)
  • Programmable universal remote control for use
    with other devices
  • Flexible placement of furniture within the room
  • Ultra low heat generation thanks to the digital amplifier
  • Components that have been designed to work perfectly with each other

Our sound partners

The Spectral sound systems are produced by the German leading manufacturer Canton. For more information about Canton please visit www.canton.de