Experience freedom
like never before.

The cabinet frames have a thin outer layer on top, fronts and for room divider models, at the rear. They form the surface of Ameno and can be combined in a variety of ways thanks to a range of materials and colours. The sectional furniture pieces make it possible to create completely new design possibilities.

Glass surfaces
in over 2,000 colours

Individuality is hip even when it comes to colours. 
In addition to 5 base and 21 accent colours, you can choose from over 2.000 NCS colours. You can also choose from glossy and satinized glass surfaces. 
The glass surfaces are extremely scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Wood veneer available
in three colours

Customers who prefer natural colours, may choose from three different genuine wood veneers in Sand Oak, Indian Walnut and Dark Oak. They are cut using a water jet which offers unrivalled precision and an elegant shiny edge. For added stability, the wood veneers are laminated wafer-thin from both sides on to the aluminium core.

Seven innovative
ceramic surfaces

In addition to glass surfaces and veneers, you can choose from seven innovative ceramic surfaces: Argento, Pepe, Steel, Oxyde, Nero, Moro and Bianco. They give Ameno a warm and natural look, ensure a sensual experience and are virtually non-scratchable.

Speaker covers available
in four colours

The perfect companion to the glass, wood and ceramic materials are the fabric speaker covers available in Silver, Grey, Carbon and Black.