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New Ameno Catalogue.

Discover Ameno, the modular entertainment furniture built for the future.

120 pages invisible technology.

The new catalog is available – with many news and three brand new model series, which combine living room design and home electronics. Enjoy browsing!

Spectral makes technology invisible.

Do you dream of a living room with intrusive bulky speakers, visible cables lying about and multiple remote controls? No? Neither do we. At Spectral, we have made it our goal to combine premium entertainment with attractive interior design. With the mission: “Spectral making technology invisible” in mind, we design and manufacture premium television furniture and stands featuring unique solutions such as integrated sound systems, projector drawers and built-in docks for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. It’s enough to take your breath away.

The integrated Virtual Surround sound systems come with a universal remote to control all electric devices like TV (flatscreen), DVD player or game console. Our most successful furnitures are Brick, Catena, Closed, Cocoon, Floor, High-End, Scala, Screen and Tray. In addition we provide many benefical accessories like TV wall brackets, speaker and projector stands, CD stands, cable ducts, cleaning products or the infrared link system to control devices behind closed furniture flaps.